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Purchasing of Limited Edition HD Lumachrome Prints

All Images are printed with the Lumachrome Technology.


 LUMACHROME prints surpass Fuji Flex bringing unbelievable resolution, clarity, vibrancy and Dmax with an incredible 3D image quality to your photo that can appear backlit and holographic.


  •  Brilliant Colors Lasting Over 120Yrs

  •  Superior Gamut vs Traditional Fujiflex Prints

  •  Incredible 3D Depth & Dimensionality

  •  Unsurpassed Detail & Ability to Hold Highlights

  •  Superior Shadow Luminosity & Detail

  •  Radiant Glowing Response Under Halogen Lighting

  •  Neutral Skin Tone Reproduction

Prices are set by the size desired below:

24x36 inch: $2,800

36x54 inch: $3,000 

40x60 inch: $3,500 

54x81 inch: $3,800

60x80 inch: $4,000

70 inch & up or Special Design

  please Contact me:


The LUMACHROME Technology: The ULTIMATE in acrylic prints 


The Lumachrome process is engineered to overcome and surpass the limitations of traditional Fujiflex chromagenic processes and inkjet processes. Details appear to emerge in 3D from the depths of the image with the Lumachrome process thanks to the transparency layer that is infused with iridium particles and is encapsulated in a layer suspended between the white poly surface and Acrylic. 





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